Dogs & Company: Interview with Belén and Yolanda, mothers of Carmela and Pencil, in their Wes Anderson-style home

Pencil rests in a corner of the sofa, while Carmela, sitting, looks attentively at the camera, as if she were going to start talking at any moment to tell us her story. Belén and Yolanda, a very stylish couple, are sitting next to them and laughingly tell us how they met. The four of them are in their beautiful and cozy apartment decorated in pastel tones in the Wes Anderson style. On the wall, behind them, you can see a characteristic neon sign that announces the time of Vermouth. In this first edition of Perros & Compañía we tell you the story of this family, which even through video calls, radiates style and a lot of love. 

XUXO: How did you meet? 

Belén: I met Yolanda during a gap year. She is friends with a guy that a friend of mine was dating for a while. At that time, Carmela and Pencil were already with me . Now they love Yolanda very much. In fact, she and Pencil have a special complicity. 

Yolanda Jokes: I married her because of the dogs!

X: You have a home with a lot of personality, tell us more about the house. Why a style inspired by Wes Anderson? 

B: We renovated the apartment two years ago. We wanted to have a house that was very much our own, so we spoke with the interior designer @isabellabo.interiores, a lover of modern antiques who works with bohemian and eclectic interiors. We had known Isabella for a long time through mutual friends and through projects we had shared. There was always connection. And, in fact, the result speaks for itself. We are very happy. This floor is our temple. It's small, but it's our perfect house! 

Y: We chose the style of Wes Anderson because I have been a big fan of this director for many years. I am fascinated by his films, the color, the symmetry... He gives me a lot of peace.

X: What can you tell us about Pencil? What makes you different? 

B: We've never had a cat, but he's a bit of a cat. Pencil was abandoned on the road. The poor guy arrived devastated, with a fungus on his face and he was terrified of people. He is very very faithful, but you have to give him his space. It is, but it is not. And he always has to be with Carmela. He gets along very well with Yolanda, and in fact, they look alike. Both are more private. 

And: Carmela is like Belén. THEY ARE THE EQUAL, says Yolanda laughing. 

X: What is Carmela like? What makes you different? 

B: She was found two months old in a container in Seville. It is a winery, very small, but with a lot of personality. Everyone who knows her remembers her. He's a mini person. You need to talk! She is very smart and nice. Everyone should have a Carmela. I would love to have two Carmelas. They both laugh. 

 X: What is your favorite time of the day? 

Y: I am a lawyer and Belén works in a design agency. We both work outside and return mid-afternoon between 5 and 6. Our favorite time of the day is watching a series together. Carmela and Pencil like to lie down with us. Always touching, even if it's just a little paw. We love being calm at home with them. Our breakfasts… And when we celebrate their birthday or Santa Claus comes.  

X: What do you like most about the harnesses, collars and leashes from the new NEON PARTY collection by XUXO? 

Honestly, they are wonderful. The color combination amazes us on another level and they are very comfortable. They attract a lot of attention and we have already been asked several times where the ride kits are from. Carmela is an earthquake and she runs a lot and the harness has never rubbed her, miraculous thing! They are very soft and fit perfectly. 

X: Belén, in your profile you say that you decorate with plants… 

B: Yes, we have a house full of plants. We love visiting the nursery regularly. I take care of them, (laughs...) I love my watering moment! It relaxes me a lot. 

At the end of the interview, very excited, they share with us that Yolanda is pregnant. 

!! Congratulations!! We wish you all the happiness in the world in your new stage. 


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