Dogs & Company: A chat with artist Dyca about murals, canine adventures and her love for Nala

In a creative corner of Molina de Segura, where the streets become canvases and the imagination comes to life, we meet Dyca, a talented urban artist who has made mural painting her form of expression. With her dog Nala by her side, Dyca opens the doors of her artistic world to us and tells us how her love for art and nature have converged into a unique and captivating style.
XUXO: Dyca, tell us your story and how you came to the art world.
Dyca: My story began with graffiti. I was immersed in that world when I had to decide which high school to take and I opted for the artistic one. There I discovered a wide range of disciplines, from photography, which I love, to sculpture. I realized that there was much more to explore, so I decided to study Fine Arts to grow as an artist. The influence of my teachers and my love for teaching led me to combine my artistic passion with being a teacher. Although now I dedicate more time to my art than to teaching.
X: And when did you start exploring urban art?
D: During my Fine Arts studies, I painted graffiti occasionally, since the cost of paint at that time limited me a bit. Illustration had always attracted me and I began to explore it on my own. The character design in the graffiti, ''the kekos'', is related to the illustration, which captivated me more than the letters, which had already begun to saturate me. Years later, with the arrival of the iPad it made my work in illustration much easier.
One of the most special moments of my career was when I participated in my town's annual contest, Crearte. In this event, which covers disciplines such as drawing, sculpture and music, they inaugurated the mural painting category in 2019. I had made a drawing of a woman in profile in front of a fox, an image that I loved. When I learned about the new mural category on Crearte, I thought: instead of using graffiti, I would use my illustrations to create a mural. I submitted this design to the Mural Painting Contest, and I won. That was my first solo mural, where I had the freedom to express my vision without restrictions. Generally, graffiti involves agreeing on what you are going to paint or what colors to use, but here I was able to do my work exactly as I wanted. I enjoyed the experience so much that I knew I had to continue creating murals.
X: How would you define your artistic style?
D: My style is based on illustration, although I always try to give it a graffiti touch, so as not to forget my origins. I work with flat colors and my favorites are turquoise and maroon. I am inspired by nature and the representation of women. I love representing animals or magical themes.
X: What has been your favorite project or projects or what have you enjoyed the most in your artistic career?
D: Definitely, one of the projects that I have enjoyed the most has been my project "La Lucha". In this project, the protagonists are the animals, who are always accompanied by a woman, who represents Mother Nature. I try to create harmonious and pleasant images in which to represent my love for animals.
X: Why are nature and women recurring themes in your art?
D: Nature has always fascinated me and I feel very connected to it, it fascinates me, whether it is an incredible sunset or the details of a leaf, they are things that leave me dazed. That is why I always like to have her in my work. Regarding the representation of women, I find their aesthetic form and versatility very attractive. It allows me to play with elements like hair, lips, earrings. Women attract my attention more than men.
X: What is @rhapsodyca?
D: My name is Aida, in high school they called me Aidika, and looking for a name for graffiti I decided to shorten it to Dyca. When I decided to create an Insta account where I could share my artwork, I didn't want to just use Dyca, so I gave it a whirl. My favorite song in the world is Bohemian Rhapsody, I thought, Rhapsody…Dyca.. Rapsodyca!! That's where my artistic Instagram came from. I liked the meaning of what a rhapsody is, that in music it is a mixture of many styles and in the end I believe that we are all a mixture of many influences. My main influences are graffiti, modernism, design, illustration, in short, an endless number of things that I study, that I see or that I continually discover, I liked the meaning, because in the end the Bohemian Rhapsody song mixes rock, with opera and other styles and the only thing that does is enrich the final product.
X: Tell us about Nala. How did it come into your life?
D: Nala came into my life at a time when I needed comfort. I had lost my dog ​​Lluvia, the first dog I adopted once I had become independent, that made the house so empty, I was devastated and needed a companion and looking on Facebook, I saw that they were looking for adoption for Nala. When I saw it I fell in love, and it's black and white, which are my favorite colors and the ones I usually dress in, so we always go together hahaha. Since then, we have been inseparable. We travel together, explore nature and share moments of happiness. She is my source of peace and joy.
Dyca and Nala with XUXO harness
X: If you had to describe Nala with one word, what would it be?
D: Love, that's what he transmits to me every time I look into those little eyes. At home she is very good, although on the street she is the coolest in the neighborhood, she walks around with her chest out, and then she is like a pool plug! She is very short, but she goes with her power that no one can hesitate. At home she is spoiled. She is a very traveler because I take her everywhere. I prefer not to leave her in a dog hotel in a cage. I always try to take her.
X: What do you like most in the world?
D: The carrot and the cheese. He likes stuffed animals larger than his size. They gave her a seal bigger than her and she went up and down with the seal all day. He loves to sleep and run on the grass or the beach. He likes adventure, he likes going everywhere with me, or so I think haha.
Nala with XUXO harness
X: What is your favorite moment of the day?
D: The nap or when we fall asleep on the couch. At night he curls up next to me. For me it is my moment of maximum happiness, I feel that the day is already over. Nala transmits that peace to me. I also love seeing her running down the street and jumping for joy.
X: Do you have any secret talents?
D: She gives her paw and knows how to sit, sometimes she throws the doll on her own. She is not very talented, but she is very pretty.
X: When you paint, do you take it with you?
D: When I paint in quiet places, I bring a beach chair and Nala sits next to me. Since I lost Lluvia before we spent a year together, I like to have her close while I work and make the most of it together. When I paint in my studio, he always comes with me and that's how we keep each other company.
Nala in the studio with XUXO harness
X: What do you like most about your XUXO Harness and Leash Walking Kit?
D: I love the originality of the designs. Each harness and leash has its own gradients, making them unique. Additionally, the quality of the product and the fast shipping impressed me. The transparent closures are a detail that I had not seen before and that I love. They are super original and everyone asks us about him because he is the coolest in the neighborhood.
With Nala by his side, Dyca continues to explore the world of art and leave his creative mark on the streets and murals of the city. Her love of nature, the representation of women, and her unbreakable bond with Nala continue to inspire her to create works that convey emotion and beauty to all who view them. As an urban artist with an authentic and unique approach, Dyca proves that art is more than a hobby, it is a way of life lived with passion and dedication.
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